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The Support Team

David Morphett

David has been in and around early childhood education for over 30 years as an owner/operator of long day and family day care services and an employment/workplace relations practitioner.

David has held advisory and practitioner roles in Government Departments, business representative bodies and divisions in law firms and is generally regarded as an expert in the Industrial Relations field.

Davids is respected for his straight forward approach to helping clients manage their staff and supporting them every step of the way. 

Cassie Wills

Cassie began a carear in Early Childhood Education and Care 15 years' ago as a certificate III and since then their has been no stoping her.

Before coming to DJMIR, Cassie had been working for many years as a service support consultant and area coordinator for larger operators.   

Cassie provides support to operators regarding employment and performance issues, regulatory compliance and assists services with restructuring or compliance audits.

Graham Doody

Graham is our South Australia employment relations specialist. Graham has more then 20 years of experiences as a HR Practitioner working in a range of occupations within the state, government and private sector.

Graham has 12 years' experiences within the Education and Children's Services sector where he has provided advice, support and training in relation to Industrial Relations, Human Resource, Recruitment, Compliance and Legal accountability issues. 


Email: help@djmir.com.au 
Office: (02) 61500 800

ABN: 36 613 329 945 



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