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Document Library

The Document Library is for the exclusive use of DJMIR subscribed members.

The library provides a broad range of downloadable resource documents and guides. Most documents are available for download in MS Word format allowing members to customise documents to suit their centre or corporate identity.

Awards and Pay Rates

  • Awards
  • Current Wage Rates
  • Past Pay Rates (WIP)

Fact Sheets

  • The 10 NES Standards.
  • Quick Fact Sheets
  • Guide to the NQF

Employing People

  • Pre-Employment Docs
  • Offers of employment
  • Job Descriptions
  • Additional/Special Duties

Managing People

  • Changing Work Hours
  • Authorised Pay Deduction
  • Leave
  • Traineeship Documents

Performance Management

  • Performance Reviews
  • Performance Improvement

Dismissal & Redundancy

  • Statement of Service
  • Dismissal Letters
  • Fair Dismissal Code
  • Abandonment

Employment Policies

  • Social Media
  • Closed Circuit Surveillance
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Privacy
  • Privacy Notice to Parents
  • Workplace Harassment Prevention

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