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what we do

DJMIR provides its members with guidance and support in the following ways:

THE Hot Line

Support with day to day decisions and manage problems as they arise.

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Doc Library

A wide range of Employment documentation to manage your staff

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Representation against claims and in various courts and tribunals

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Practical seminars and webinars to help you run a better service. 

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Telephone Hot Line (Members Benefit)

Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert to check your thinking.

At other times you need some practical guidance from people familiar with the early childhood education sector and your obligations as an employer, to make the right decision.

The ramifications in getting employment decisions wrong are often significant so it makes sense just to call and get it right the first time.

For members the hotline is your point of access to that support.

You will always deal with the same client manager so you don't need to explain things over and over or struggle with getting a different answer from different phone calls.

Their are no additional charges for operational calls nor are calls timed

We give you the support you need, when you need it.


Document Library (Members Benefit)

The document library holds hundreds of helpful documents.  Members can download any document as required at no additional cost.

Need a new offer of employment or job description for a staff member? ... its there!  .. need a tool to manage an underperforming employee, got that too,  as well as someone on the phone to help you to introduce or implement the process and follow it through.

All documents are prepared in word format and directly downloadable so that members can adapt them to their own corporate image.

We also review existing documents and provide feedback on any issues we feel could be improved.


Direct Assistance, Representation or Defence (Discounted Fees for Members)

Exclusive to members

We help our members manage under performers through direct involvement with managing the performance improvement process through to dismissal if required.   We pride ourselves in ensuring that almost all clients are never faced with having to pay compensation because we make sure they do it right.

In 2016, only 4 clients in 47 claims actually paid any settlement

Representation and Defence

With access to a team of employment relations specialist advocates and lawyers, we can represent clients regarding a range of employment related issues such as:

  • Unfair dismissals
  • General protection applications
  • Bullying or Harassment claims
  • Underpayment of wages and Award breaches

In addition we also assist client to establish, update or terminate enterprise agreements

Operational Health Checks

To help put your mind at ease, we can provide a basic or full audit of your staff induction and management processes to ensure you are fully compliant with your obligations and best practice.

Your will receive a written report highlighting issues of concern and recommendations.

Member Discount

All members receive a 15% discount on any fee for service work


Webinars & Seminars (Discounted Fees for Members)

At DJMIRwe are all about practical with a limited amount of fluff which is one of the reasons we think our seminars are so popular.

We ensure our seminars help our members to be all they can be and focus on enhancing our members basic skills and knowledge to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of simple avoidable mistakes.

DJMIR regularly holds seminars on managing work hours, leave responsibilities and improving or dismissing, underperforming staff. 



Email: djm@djmir.com.au 
Office: (02) 6236 8966
Mobile: 0450 022 664 

ABN 72 660 246 236 


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