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A Whole New Kind Of Normal
Early Childhood Education and Care


WEBINAR: A Whole New Kind Of Normal
For Early Childhood Education and Care

Is your early childhood and care service cost effective post ECEC/JobKeeper and free childcare?

Are you ready to meet the challenges after 27 September 2020?

As many service providers are reviewing what they will look like post ECEC/JobKeeper/Free Childcare and beyond, the need to restructure the way and how they employ staff has become even more important to maintain quality and efficiency.

Join us for a 1 hour seminar on the practical steps you can take to focused you and your business ready for the many challenges and ongoing adjustments facing us in Early Childhood Education and Care.  

Get the practical expert advice, tips and tools that you will need to survive and flourish once the Government's transitional payment relief package ends. 

Learn everything you need to know about:  

  • Assessing your operational needs and designing your workforce for quality and cost effective efficiency; 
  • Restructuring staff hours and casual engagement; what can you do and when can you do it;
  • Managing the introduction and implementation of change;
  • Setting up for post 27 September 2020 and beyond.

How will the seminars be delivered?

Once registering, you will receive a secure personal link enabling you to attend a
1 hour live
webinar during which you will receive guidance, documents and tools to assist and support you with any changes you wish to make. 

Following the webinar, you will then receive another link giving you the option to book into live Q & A sessions where our presenter David Morphett joined by Cassie Wills, will provide advice and assistance to implement change or address individual issues or problems.

All 16 live Q&A sessions will be held on different days and times and will be limited to 40 participants at each session to ensure registrants can have their questions or issues addressed.

Cost For Registration

DJMIR Members $50

Non-members $200

Please Note: Non-members who choose to join and pay for their DJMIR membership within 7 days of the seminar they attend, will be eligible for the DJMIR member rate of $50 for the seminar and the additional $150 already paid for registration will be credited against their annual membership fee.
See more about membership here.

On payment you will be automatically issued with a tax invoice. The workshop is 100% tax deductible workplace training.


Benefits of participating in the workshop

The sector is experiencing tremendous change in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This workshop will equip you with all the tips, insights, skills, experiences and industry information you need to meet these changes and develop the operation of your service to meet the changing demands of your community.

Benefits of participating in the workshop

The sector is experiencing tremendous change in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This workshop will equip you with all the tips, insights, skills, experiences and industry information you need to meet these changes and develop the operation of your service to meet the changing demands of your community.

What the workshop covers in more detail

Assessing your needs.

We will take you step by step through the process of determining your minimum operational requirements and the development of flexibility and efficiency in your workforce and minimising costs.

Adjusting work hours.

Making your workforce more flexible and responsive to your needs is vital.   In the post COVID market, services need to be able to restructuring employee working hours/days and rosters and minimising regular and systematic casual involvement to help develop further cost savings.   Part of this process is also reviewing meal and rest paise obligations and leave policy.

Managing the introduction and implementation of Change

Change can be a scary prospect for any employee but as a rule of thumb, the longer a staff member has been with you the more reticent they are to accept change.   David will cover communication with staff and how to take the fear away from staff concerned about new structures and what role they will play..

Back to the future

Formal restructuring and redundancy post 27 September 2020

Who should attend? 

Decision makers, approved providers, directors, nominated supervisors, committee members, administrators and anyone involved in the administration and operation of early childhood education and care services.

About The Presenter ~ David Morphett

David MorphettDavid has been working in the Workplace Relations and regulatory environments of early childhood education for over 30 years.

As many of you would have experienced during Davids live Facebook during the introduction of ECEC, JobKeeper and free childcare, David takes a simple and interactive approach to presenting and often uses third party case studies of what other service providers have done or do to illustrate solutions.

David is all about empowering attendees at his workshops and seminars to enable them to make better, clearer and faster decisions more confidently that they can depend upon.

David is the owner and director of DJMIR Advisory Services Pty Ltd providing industry specific, employment relations support to early childhood education providers in the private and community sector.  With over 900 members across Australia he has the knowledge you need for your business to survive COVID-19.


Kristen McPhail – Thank you so much for providing an excellent support for our sector. Your dedication has helped services around the country navigate the uncertain COVID-19 landscape over the past few months with good humour and confidence. Thank you!

Mel Dewyer – So willing to help in this time of crisis. Fantastic advice and always available with the facts that no one else can give us! They have been such a lifeline for us small operators!

Cam Handley – Incredibly knowledgeable and never too busy to take your call. This is a service we could simply not operate without.

Mary-Louise Clifford – Amazing responsive to all calls, a wealth of knowledge.

Tamara Greig – DJMIR have provided our business support and up to date information is a clear direct way that is relevant to our industry. Highly recommend.

Olivia Jessie – Amazing up to date information and support all the time. Even prior to this pandemic DJMIR have always been fantastic!

Rebecca Stiles – They have a wealth of knowledge specifically about ECEC. They help us through a difficult time and no us too big or too small...so glad we have David and Cassie in our corner when we need them!

John Hutchison – DJMIR is the childcare industrial relations & human resources specialists. No Doubt!



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For assistance or further information regarding this webinar or the associated Q&A sessions, contact us at help@djmir.com.au or call (02) 6150 0800


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